My work has been recognized for artistic innovation by the Center for Cultural Innovation. I was a resident filmmaker with the Center for Asian American Media at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center.

Artistic Statement

I create nonfiction media that interrogates the conventions of mainstream American storytelling. I center voices of immigrants and people of color as focal points in complex and layered cultural landscapes. Through the techniques of documentary, photography, and animation, my experiments with disparate styles reflect the schism often felt by those inhabiting multiple contradictory cultural spaces. By accessing the raw complexity of the multicultural experience, my art generates new representations and more authentic portrayals of our communities.


I am the co-founder of Re-Present Media and serve as a co-organizer of the East Bay Documentary Support Group. I am a member of A-Doc and Brown Girls Doc Mafia.


I am passionate about: social justice activism, human development, spirituality, poetry, and culturally-aware coaching.



Story Consultant

Consulting Producer

Production Manager